Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3-12 Meeting a Success!

Our MOPS/MomsNext meeting of March 12 went great!  We had 22 moms and 20 MOPPETS.  There were 2 brand new to MOPS moms, today, which we LOVE to have new moms!

The moms made Jesus Bracelets today.  Here is the significance of each bead:
One night, a bright STAR
led THREE wise men to
the BIRTH of baby Jesus.
He was more than a  CARPENTER,
He was a FISHER of men.
He had TWELVE disciples,
He spoke the WORD of God,
HEALED the sick, and
performed many MIRACLES.
One DARK day, He was CRUCIFIED.
He shed His BLOOD so we could be made CLEAN.
Now He is in HEAVEN with His father,
preparing a place for His people.
He left us His HOLY SPIRIT.
Jesus did this because of His
immense LOVE for us.

Here are the verses that go along with the bracelet:
Matthew 2:7,9-11
Matthew 13:55
Matthew 4:19
Matthew 10:1-4
Luke 4:1-14
Mark 1:29-34
Mark 4:35-41
Matthew 27:45
Mark 15:23-25
Romans 3:25-26
John 14:1-3
1 Corinthians 6:19-20
John 3:16-17

Each mom left with a bracelet and the scripture to back it up.