Friday, March 14, 2014

"Up"cycling at MOPS!

It has been a very cold month here in the UP!  Despite the cold temperatures, North Shore MOPS has been warm and welcoming to all that come through our doors.  We hosted a play group at North Shore church on Tuesday, 2/25.  Winter did not stop the fun from happening!

On March 11, we had a meeting and "up" cycled t-shirts.  The moms had a great time turning old, worn out t-shirts into trendy & fun scarves.

Not only did we make scarves out of t-shirts, we also made headbands, bracelets and leg warmers with those long sleeves!  What a fun activity and this also gave us ample opportunity to talk.

In MOPPETS, we had to say goodbye to our wonderful volunteer, Leta Williamson.  Leta and her husband are moving to California at the end of this month.  Leta has been a joyful, always smiling, volunteer in our MOPPET nursery.  She is going to be missed a great deal!  Our little babies and our nursery volunteers will miss her smile and her attitude.  We wish her the best of luck in her new adventure!

We are looking forward to another meeting in March when we will hear about setting a vision for our families.

Here is to looking at spring temperatures to match up with spring on the calendar!